Whereabouts, unusually for a small-press production, attracted a lot of attention from reviewers, resulting in many inquiries from readers and booksellers. It is published in a limited edition of 300 copies by rufus books, Canada - follow the link for details of how to order from the publisher. I also have some copies available myself, a cheaper option for UK readers (£9 including postage and packing). I no longer put my email address on this site, since it was nearly put out of commission by spam. But you can get it from the university, which has a search facility for email addresses.

Some of the poems from Whereabouts can be found, along with the photographs that inspired them, here.

Sarah Crown's review in The Guardian says:

"Matthew Francis already has an impressive pedigree. With this outstanding volume, his place among contemporary British poetry's aristocracy is confirmed... a collection that resembles a series of luminous miniatures, painted on the page in precise and glowing brush-strokes."

Read the whole review here.

Other reviewers have written as follows:

"Francis's style is clever ebullient, pacey, often brilliant." (Amy Wack, Poetry Wales)

"The form, and Francis's often whimsical lyricism, give the volume its delicate coherence... Part of the pleasure of the book comes from the freshness of the poems' observations, such as a spider's "dry / posy of legs", the determination in a dead animal's stillness, and dogwood trees each "adrift in its // vanilla float", to name only a few. The more particular interest of the collection arises from the sense of a positive instability in the world, in natural change and shifting perspectives." (Carrie Etter, TLS)

"The way in which Francis navigates through the strictures of his form, doubling and tripling meanings as he goes, is not just astonishingly virtuosic, but moving: he is a poetic Houdini, escaping into a locked box in order to liberate his subject self." (David C. Ward, PN Review)

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