This is the menu for my photographs. Some of them have pop-up poems attached (some of the source material for Whereabouts). The mouse-over caption lets you know which ones - simply click to display the (very brief) poem.


Pop-ups - All the pop-up poems with their pictures

Flickr photos - Hawthornden, France and Shropshire.

Our house - Before and after photos etc

Where we live - The west Wales countryside

Wales - More Welsh countryside

Cornwall - Our most recent holiday

Isles of Scilly - Another holiday

East Anglia - A winter trip to the other side of Britain

Toronto - including Casa Loma and the CN Tower

Niagara - the Falls, the River and Niagara-on-the-Lake

University of Toronto - and the launch of Whereabouts

Ireland - Our holiday in Dublin, Glendalough and Connemara

Llandaff - Our old home in Cardiff

Cheshire - A holiday to Hereford and my childhood home, Cheshire

Miranda - Our much-missed cat, who died in 2016

Paris - A few of the sights, from a visit

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