Baptism and Confirmation

The Church - Photo: Diana Pritchett We walked past the church three times before we realized what it was. Either because of the recent fire, or because, like many buildings in the Old Town, it was being renovated, it was covered in plastic sheeting. (Later we noticed the local habit of adorning these plastic exteriors with what Creina described as 'wall-hangings' featuring colourful artistic designs.) We were met by Mark's parents, Diana and Tim, Klaire's parents, Arno and Olly, and her sisters Kristy and Katre. Mark's brothers, David and Robert, arrived during the service. The priest spoke perfect English with a slight American accent. Inside, the church was ornate, with box pews, a gallery and painted panels of Biblical scenes in a rosy Italian Renaissance style.

The Altar - Photo: Diana Pritchett

The service was held in the Choir, with just the handful of us as the congregration, Mark's family on one side and Klaire's on the other, as if for a wedding. Klaire was baptized as well as confirmed - like the rest of her generation, she had grown up under a Communist regime which frowned on Christianity. The service was conducted in Estonian for Klaire and English for Mark, who had been baptized in the Anglican Church and was now confirmed into the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, which, judging by the service, seems to be rather similar. After the ceremony, we all went to the Raekojaplats for a beer. (Old Town.)

The Congregation - Photo: Diana Pritchett
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